Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Smoking killz...

Went to my first Mineral Wells event, The Mexican Standoff was deffinitely a good ice breaker. Got to see a bunch of cars I creeped on for so many years, deff a fun event. Got to see my man crush slide around which was amazing, I still can't wrap my head around the fact that this world is so small. Things I remember seeing as light projected through a black set screen now actually in front of me. How excited I was to grab as many photos as I could get my grubby little paws on. So thats exactly what I did. I don't really plan on posting all of them, every one of these pics are from a Kodak point and shoot w/8.1 mega pixel. I must say the event truely has soul and it's cool to see how everyone at the event is treated like family. Custom stickers made for friends who competed, and knowing the drivers by name, it deffinitely was a friendly event.

Of course a hachi would be the first pic, this one was ok. All the rust either made it cooler or not as cool. IMO I'm not fond of sprayed over rust. Embrace the patina or die!

Despite the drop in economy, I'd say Fielding Shredder is doing just fine.

Justin Garner from Team Silhouette out of H-town showing how it's done in qualifying.

Aaren Smith not only has the most common American name but also drives the most common American car but not like you'd expect. This had to have been my favorite car at the event.

Lurking beneathe is a fire breathing 2j... becoming one of my faveorite swaps for the s-chassis mobiles these days.

In action. It was so hot that the heat waves were ruining many of my pictures as you can tell, note the distortion of the car.

Oh cool a x7 woohoo soo awesome... at least this one is shiney.

Hey Brad try slowing down so we can actually get a pic!

Leave to the old guys to show us kids how its done... not only was this one of the best stanced cars out there he was by far the smoothest drifter, I swear you'd think he had an autodrift button the way he piloted this z33 around the course.

Everybody getting ready for the Miley Cyrus concert.

Not only is this car beautiful but so was the driver.

Remeber how I mentioned my man crush... yeah this guy wins way too many events for having only 110hp. Also rumor has it Robert is going for his Formula-D license this year, he's deff going to need an upgrade if he plans on being any competitive or does he.

Yeah that is an f20c... yeah that is a turbo... yes he did have fully pegged entries for days.

I got plenty of good pics of this car. I wonder why I even like it so much. It has a v8, a 1uzfe at that, it has muscle car wheels on it, it's kitted,but don't let that fool you, this car still has lots of soul.

I swear not a pic of Shredder's car came out undisturbed.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

For sale...

... I'm a horrible monster that buys nice or not so sought after cars and makes them internet celebs, not infamous just happily polished.

This car has showed me a lot, not as much as the wise old cars you are used to see me patrolin the hood with. This car has shown me more about women then any innocent young man should've figured out, NICE CARS DON'T GET YOU LAID! It's all in the wrist... eh maybe not. The internal insecurity this car brought me ruined it all. The mullet was more help then anything but eh what can I say, I'm just a spiffy guy to be around at times. Life lesson #32, you can't bring your hot car inside the bar sir.

Pitchers of what?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Before I go out and ride.

R.I.P Charles Haddon

It's been a minute...

Ok guys well I know its been a week or seven but I have just been dealing with the new job and all that fun grown up stuff. Well I'm back in class for a bit so now I have more then enough freetime to come up with more excuses as to why I didn't keep this thing updated even though it has yet to attract any attention. This is becomming more of a personaly diary then anything which is A'ok with me. Well update, I ended up wrecking the s12 early thanksgiving morning, fun times! Anywho the car is getting a second chance hopefully, LSx swap, shits nuts! Damn I need to find some local parties in this town!